• Summer Company Team Building Event Invites Children for Quality Family Time, Relaxation

      In the summer of 2020, the company organized its annual team building event, inviting children to join, allowing employees to take a break from their busy work schedules, spend quality time with their families, and relax.

      In the summer of 2020, the company organized a unique team building event aimed at enhancing cohesion among employees. Unlike previous years, this event welcomed the participation of employees' children. The event took place at a resort located in the countryside, offering fresh air and stunning natural scenery, adding a touch of tranquility to the occasion.

      The team building activities featured a variety of engaging games and parent-child activities, such as fun competitions and family bonding challenges. Parents teamed up with their children to participate in various games, strengthening the bonds between them and allowing employees to gain deeper insights into each other's family lives. The event also included a parent-child DIY session, where children, accompanied by their parents, created their own handcrafted items, experiencing the joy of parent-child interaction.

      In addition to the games and DIY activities, the company provided a sumptuous picnic lunch and outdoor barbecue for employees and their families to enjoy, with laughter echoing throughout the event. This rare opportunity allowed employees to not only spend quality time with their families but also to relax and unwind, relieving themselves of work-related stress.

      The entire team building event lasted for a day, yet time seemed to fly by quickly, with everyone reluctantly bidding farewell to a day filled with joy and warmth. Through this event, employees felt the company's care and concern for their well-being, strengthening emotional bonds and team cohesion among them. It is believed that in future work, everyone will work together more closely to create an even brighter tomorrow!

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